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Body & Mind Healing Testimonials

"Hello Rod!! My name is Kathryn,
I had an amazing Reiki session with you a while back.
I hope we can connect again.
Warm Regards"

Kathryn from USA
"I remember your beautiful lessons...thank you so much...for this great energy and the opportunity to learn more and to go deeper.
Warm Greetings from Berlin,"

Sabine from Germany
Over the past few months I've taken several courses @ BodyMind. Rod's instruction is outstanding, atmosphere in classes is light in mood but with precision and attention to detail. The Qi Gong and yoga were and continue to be of great benefit, tai chi is habit-forming. Met some terrific people too. Thumbs up.

Mike from USA
"I really thank you for what you have given to me. Thank you, Rod.
That definitely has changed my life!
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

Yuko from Japan
"Having studied Wudang Tai Chi and Chi Kung under the careful and considerate tuition of Rod since August 2008, we can assure you that any time spent at Body & Mind Healing Studio is a massively worthwhile investment in your physical and mental - and, perhaps, spiritual - well being. Through the Tai Chi and Chi Kung postures and movements, Rod has taught us to “Be still as a mountain, move like a great river” and he can teach you too, in a way that is genuine, personal, and not rushed. Meditative or martial, esoteric or everyday, Rod offers flexibility in his approach, reflective of his commitment to guiding you towards happiness and competence in the Wudang style".
Marissa and Paul from Chiang Mai, Thailand
"It was a great experience of enlightenment, reading my own Astrology.
I didn't expect it would go so deep into my own being, it was way beyond the expected and I'm very grateful for the work you put into it, many thanks, hope we meet again!"

Patrick from Netherlands
"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Reiki - I feel so much more centred and happy Thank you again - to feel such a relief is priceless, and I feel very lucky to have had the chance to meet you.
With Love,"
"A big thank you to you for the Reiki attunement and teaching session, it has really opened up a new phase in my self-development.
I would definitely recommend the course to anyone that asked me!"
Hope you are well?

Ben from UK
I am in my second winter of tai chi study with Rod. He is an excellent teacher, very patient and considerate of each person's abilities. Studying tai chi here has been great for my mind and body. Highly recommended.

Anne from USA
Great Reiki
Thanks to Rod for a great healing session! Glad I booked in with you & so grateful you had time to see me. Great Reiki - the whole session was very enjoyable.
Great experiance with a great teacher, Rod ; I spend every year a few weeks in Chiang Maï , and I am
happy to meet him for Tai Chi Chuan course .If you want to start Tai Chi Chuan lessons,
or practice in case you already practice, you can go here , the atmosphere is friendly,
but Rod is close to you , so you make progress day after day.
"Dear Rod, Thank you so much for your generosity (with your time and insights) last week.
Many Thanks"

Lauren from USA
Teaches from the hear and experience

I stumbled upon the Body and Mind Healing center while I was looking for a course in Tantric and Taoist Energy..... wasn't quite sure what to expect and then I met Rod. Right from the get go he was very informative telling me to come and meet him in person. He gave me all the information I needed to know and also told me that I should/ could take some courses in preparation for the Inner Alchemy course. Rod is high energy and is definitely coming from an awaken place in my eyes. He is very passionate about his teachings and after a few courses with him I can tell you he takes it seriously. Not seriously in the no fun way, quite the opposite, but serious in the instruction and learning way. He really wants to make sure you get the most out of his courses and does everything like clockwork. His prices are firm and that works both ways. I just had a private lesson with him for the Reiki which could have been the private cost but since I had signed up prior to course day, I paid the group rate. It was fantastic. Yea so that is my opinion, if you are curious about any of these courses and want a true experience, with fun go see Rod.
I studied Reiki 1 and 2 with Rod and it was honestly the highlight of my time in Chiang Mai (and I love Chiang Mai). Rod is a natural teacher who possesses great knowledge and passes this on with passion and thoroughness. I left the workshops feeling completely confident and excited about practicing this new knowledge. Rod follows up his lessons with excellent notes and I truly feel he is a teacher of the highest caliber. Thanks Rod!
I thoroughly enjoyed the level one Reiki course. Rod explained everything very clearly and used great personal examples to help it feel more real. I feel that I've learnt a lot today and confident to practice the techniques on my self.

Naomi from UK
"Hello Rod!
Such a lovely time in Thailand!
And you were a part and reason.. Thanks very much.

Best Wishes"
Julia from Germany
"Dear Rod, I want to thank you so much for everything, for taking me serious, listening to me, helping me, and giving me the energy".

Tina from Germany
"Thank you so much for sorting me out. I went to a temple in Bangkok on the day I left and am now much more at peace thanks to your influence!
Take care, have a wonderful journey"
Lorraine from England
"To anyone who is interested in
Tantric & Taoist training for men,
I can highly recommend this well planned and structured course, it has made life
changing benefits to my control of sexual energy, and understanding of my body.
Trust Rod on this one, he is an expert..."

Barney from Australia
"Dear Rod
Thank you very much for the results of my 10 lessons learning the basic Chi Kung.
I came to you feeling half alive, having one foot bandaged , unable to get in touch with myself.
Amazing how different I feel after those 10 lessons.
No bandages ,a feeling of joy and excitement has come back into me and I am feeling the energy returning to my body & Spirit.
It is hard to believe that this practice can make one feel so good . Age seems to be no barrier to the healing effects of the Chi Kung and your teaching has been so good for me .
Thank you Rod for helping me on this path of healing.
Best wishes" Janice from Australia
Ciao Rod
"I needed this holiday to bring a change in my life, my plans for the future are now clearer. And for this I have to thank you as well, it was very positive for me to meet you. Now it's a matter to be constant in the practice and follow my path without distracting too much".

"Thanks a lot for your time and dedication, I really benefit from them. I'm sure we will meet again".
Giovanni from Italy:
"I don't know how to thank you enough Rod for giving me the strength to go forward.
I know in my heart I will return to see you again Rod, thank you for your kindness, warmth, laughter and tuition. You will always remain special to me for bringing peace and understanding into my life. After so many years of turmoil, I now know at certain times of the day what peace is, and that is the most important gift you gave me and for that I thank you."

Jane from England
"I just wanted to thank you for taking your time, your heart, your mind, and your soul and sharing all of you with us. You will never know how your talents will encourage and strengthen us as we ride the journey of life. You are a gift to this planet, and I thank God for bringing you into my life".

Kim from China
Just wanted to say thank you for my Reiki session
The cloud has been lifted and I thank you so much for your time, energy and wisdom.

I have been going through amazing healing and transformations since the Reiki on many levels and a few things clicked for me.
Thank you so much.

Sapphire Chiang Mai Thailand
I'm really happy with what I learned, I think the Chi Kung is starting to cure me, which is a miracle,
Thanks for everything,

Rory from Ireland