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Yoga Beginners Chiang Mai

Beginners Course
Chiang Mai

Yoga Beginners Course in Chiang Mai

What is Yoga?
Yoga means to join together or union. When one practices Yoga it brings all bodily functions and upper and lower energies (lunar and solar) into harmony.

Yoga practice enables one to transcend duality through conscious action and awareness working on the physical and metaphysical levels.

Hatha yoga which involves physical movements called Asanas (postures) with breath and concentration, promotes health and well being when practice regularly and correctly.

Yoga helps to eliminate the stresses of life, it rejuvenates the mind and body soothing the nervous system, activates the glandular system, nourishes the organs, tones the muscular system and strengthens the bones. Hatha Yoga prepares the body for the more advance practices of yoga and meditation.
Intro Yoga course to help you step by step
5 Days Yoga in Chiang Mai:

Monday to Friday

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Yoga Course 1500bt Per Person
Please reserve your yoga space, at the school or
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Please note; only 500bt deposit:
*Hatha Yoga Beginners 5 Day Course*
**Yoga Chiang Mai for Beginners**

Starting point of learning the Yoga Asanas.(Postures) and Pranayama (Breathing exercise)
Step by step approach to increase strength and flexibility in your Yoga practice.
Develop proper breathing habits, concentration and relaxation.

Yoga beginners course includes:
Introduction to the basic sequence of Asanas
Guided relaxation technique
Yoga sun salutation
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Preparation for the next level

Introduction to the 5 points of yoga:
Proper Yoga Breathing
Proper Yoga Exercise
Proper Focus
Proper Yoga Diet
Proper Relaxation

Yoga Beginners Course in Chiang Mai Thailand;
Specialized in helping yoga beginners take their next step on their path to a yogic life style:
Improving body and mind awareness, to improve all aspects of your lives.